CAS Charity Basketball Tournament

Hey Guys!

Here’s where you can sign your team up for the charity basketball tournament to be held on 09 Feb 2012. Good Luck!

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The 2012-2013 school term is in full swing! Welcome to the new and returning members of the UWO Cancer Awareness Society. At this time an update is required to outline the current VPs of the Cancer Awareness Society.

Here are the current leaders of the Cancer Awareness Society:

President – Drew Wong
VP Finance – Sid Bhalla
VP Events – Megan Ryder
VP Promotions – Bryant Lam
VP Promotions – Stephen Petrou
VP Communications – Katherine Rabicki
VP Outreach – Josh O’Reilly

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2012 Recap

Thanks to everyone’s hard work this year, the Cancer Awareness Society was able to donate over $2000 to cancer-affiliated charities as well as give over 150 gifts to children at London Children’s Hospital, and raise awareness for breast, prostate, testicular, children’s and ovarian cancers. This tremendous achievement would not have been possible without the dedication of all our members. Thank you all for coming to and volunteering for the events, making them so successful! We hope your commitment to the cause will carry on beyond this year, whether or not you will still be at Western.

On the subject of the future, congratulations to the members who will lead CAS into 2012-2013:

President – Elaine Hao
VP Finance – Drew Wong
VP Events – Megan Ryder
VP Promotions – Bryant Lam
VP Promotions – Stephen Petrou
VP Communications – Katherine Rabicki
VP Outreach – Josh O’Reilly

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2012-2013 Elections are Here!

The year is coming to an end and that means that we must have club elections for the next 2012-2013 school year. For all of those who are interested please read the following information thoroughly:

When: Wednesday April 4th at 6pm

Where: SH (Somerville House) 2355

Who: any club member (this includes general members!)

*Detailed description of positions HERE

You will be expected to give a 2-3 min speech followed by a brief question period (if necessary). Here are some ideas if you are at a loss:

-why do you think you are a good fit for the position?

-what past experience can you bring to the table?

-what was your favourite event and why?

Sign-up Here

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Angel Hair For Kids 2012

Thinking of cutting your hair??? DON’T!!

Our annual event will take place at the trendy N U Hair and Make up Studio on Richmond Street. CAS is partnering with this renowned studio to raise money for Angel Hair for Kids, a charity that provides wigs and hair loss solutions to Canadian children that have lost their hair due to a medical condition.

When: Sunday March 18th

Where: N U Hair and Make up Studio (Directions)

Cost: men-$20 / Women-$35

*these prices are for regular hair cuts only. Anyone who chooses to donate their hair will receive a free haircut (follow this link to check your eligibility).

With the help and generosity of the hair stylists at N U we will donate 100% of the proceeds. Come join us on March 18th and help  put a smile on the face of a child in need.

Sign-Up Here

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Exercising in the Name of Peace and Mind

Cancer can be the most fearful and overwhelming experience a person will ever go through. Whether you have just been diagnosed, are going through treatments, or in remission, the treatments associated with cancer can leave a person exhausted and weak. With all of the emotional and physical stress that is associated with having cancer it’s important for cancer patients and survivors to consider adding a vital step into their treatment plan; regular exercise.

Though exercise may be the very last thing a cancer patient wants to think about, let alone do, making the time to do so can help conquer a sleuth of health issues. Stress, fatigue, depression, weak and brittle bones, as well as quality of life are all situations that cancer patients deal with on almost a daily basis.  By exercising regularly one is able to help alleviate these symptoms and help you feel better about yourself and your life.

Adding exercise to your treatment plan helps to strengthen and build your muscles. When a patient undergoes various cancer treatments, their muscles tend to get weak causing fatigue and a lack of ability to move about as freely as they once did; along with this comes a possibility of broken bones. Weight strengthening exercises can build up these muscles and bones, helping them to become healthier and stronger. In turn, you are in a better position to conquer the day a little easier.

Exercise is also a great way of helping a cancer patient to have a more positive outlook of life. When diagnosed with cancer, one can easily feel overwhelmed and begin to instantly start focusing on the negatives with the long road of recovery and turmoil ahead. These thoughts can create unwanted stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Exercising regularly can help one to control these negative feelings and turn them into positive ones. For example, exercise produces endorphins, which produce a sense of euphoria that is sparked instantly throughout the body. This reaction in turn can create a positive change both within a patient’s mind and body. Exercise is a small price to pay for even just a little peace of mind.

If you are a cancer patient exercise can prove to be a great asset to your lifestyle. However, before beginning any exercise routine it’s important to talk with your doctor. A mesothelioma doctor may inform his or her patients that both the type and duration of exercise to be performed greatly depends on the stage of cancer you are in. So open, honest communication with your doctor is vital.

Cancer is not an easy disease to overcome, but by including healthy and beneficial exercise into your daily routine, you may indefinitely experience peace of mind and renewed energy that you thought could never be possible.

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Guest Blogger

David Haas

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Holiday Toy Drive

Our annual CAS holiday toy drive has arrived!

Every year we fundraise money in order to buy toys for kids going through cancer treatment at the London Children’s Hospital.

Come join us this upcoming week and help brighten the holidays for those in need. Here is how you can help:

What: come play the candy-cane game for a chance to win a number of great prizes! We will also be selling “Carolling for a Cure” scarves and toques for 5$. All proceeds will be used to buy awesome toys for the kids!

Where: look for us at a booth in the UCC main atrium

When: Tuesday November 29th to Friday December 2nd (9:30am-4:00pm)

*Prizes: a digital camera, a gift card to smoke’s Poutinery, a gift basket to Yo Yo’s frozen yogurt, a gift basket to Estee lauder, a 2 week pass to Moksha Yoga and some Western gear!

*Volunteers please sign up HERE*

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What do Tom Selleck and Ron Burgundy have in common?

They both have fantastic moustaches!

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in Canada and around the world. With their “Mo’s”, these men raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.

Help change the face of men’s health by joining the UWO MOVEMBER team and growing out your moustache. Both guys and girls can show support by joining the team!

What: show your support for the Movember campaign

How: Join the UWO Movember team

Who: Anybody! (Boys, Girls, Members, Non-members etc.)

When: Anytime throughout November (but sooner is better than later)

Sign Up Here

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I Pink I Can!

1 in 9 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime! October is breast cancer month and we have decided to show our support by selling pink ribbons to donate money to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

The C.B.C.F. has evolved into one of Canada’s leading breast cancer research funding organizations. Every dollar donated to research brings us one step closer to discovering the causes of breast cancer, better methods to prevent and detect it, treatments that are more effective and improving the quality of life for survivors.

Come join CAS this week (October 24-27th) and help us raise awareness about breast cancer…. Big or small let’s save them all!

Event Details:

When: October 24th-27th from 10am-4pm

Where: The UCC main atrium

What: accepting donations for pink ribbons (100% proceeds are donated)

Volunteers sign up HERE

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An Afternoon of Hot Yoga!!!

Come join us for an hour of hot yoga to purge those toxins. For those who are not familiar with hot yoga (Bikram yoga): it is essentially the twenty-six basic postures at sauna-like conditions.

  Who: Any CAS member!                                                                                     When: Saturday October 15th at 2pm                                                                     Where: Yoga Shack ( at the new location on Ann St.

  What to Bring: A towel, a water bottle and 2$ for mat rental if you don’t have one (sorry we couldn’t pay for that)

                        ****There is limited space (70 spots) so sign up early****                        SIGN UP HERE

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